Sure do! This special photography experience is an awesome way to document your intimate relationship. Contact me for more details.

Do you offer couple shoots?

At my private loft studio in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, near attractions such as the Brooklyn Museum and the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens.

Where do your boudoir shoots take place?

Totally! The photos on my website and social media are generously shown thanks to amazing clients who have signed a waiver and want to share their beauty with the world!

Are my photos private?

Hair and makeup is included in "Experience" sessions. I work with wonderful and talented hair and makeup artists who will not only elevate the look you are going for, but will also make you feel relaxed and beautiful.

In general, I focus on a more “natural” vibe, but every shoot includes luxe eyelashes and we can go as full-on glam as you desire. Some of my packages even include several makeup changes so you can choose a more natural look as well as a super-glam look. Expect your glam session with my amazingly talented glam-artists to last for an hour or longer. For "Express" sessions, please arrive with your hair and makeup done.

What about hair & makeup?

Bring additional lingerie, accessories, and shoes you would like to be photographed in. The more options, the better! Some women arrive with a full suitcase full of stuff which I fully support. If you prefer, you may borrow lingerie and accessories from the studio’s overflowing closet.

What should I bring to my boudoir session?

The focus of my work is empowering you throughout the entire experience. I believe the empowerment piece brings out the most beautiful and sexy images possible. 99% percent of my clients have never had a boudoir shoot before. By the end, you will feel like an absolute pro.
I not only want to create beautiful photos for you, I want you to leave knowing the goddess you truly are. My priority is making you feel comfortable by creating a fun, sexy, and easygoing atmosphere.

Why choose me as your boudoir photographer?


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