"I am passionate about evolving beauty standards in a light-hearted, kind, good-vibes-only space."


In my years as a boudoir photographer, more than 650 women have come through the studio doors and left feeling empowered and beautiful. I love having a studio where there are no limits on age, size, or ability. In my boudoir studio, it’s about showing up and accepting who you are in this moment.


Not long ago, I was doing red carpet and fashion photography. Every day, I was asked to take photos of "beauty," but this definition of “beauty” was way too narrow. I took a chance and paved a new career pathway. Fast forward to today.

You might say that my passion for this work is in my genes since my family has been involved in the lingerie business since 1888. I have such fond memories of watching my great-grandmother fit women for bras at our family’s lingerie store. Women always felt more beautiful after seeing Grandma Selma. I’m honored to carry on her legacy.

When you step into my studio, your journey to empowerment meets mine. I find strength and inspiration in making other people feel beautiful through the power of boudoir.

I feel deeply humbled to be able to join you on your journey. I can’t wait to work with you.

Xoxo Nomi

The fastest way to get in touch with me is to DM me on instagram @boudoirbynomi