Notes From Nomi

The journey and growth of Boudoir by Nomi wasn’t linear. My context,  creating photography that communicates self-love, self-acceptance, and self-expansion, has been a product of all my experiences. And since doing a boudoir shoot requires a level of vulnerability, I want to shed some layers with you.  Being a woman, and the female perspective, has […]


September 8, 2022

My Path to Boudoir by Nomi

I Love My Body Because I have focused the last 5 years on the women who have walked through my studio doors and I am so excited to be expanding my art to children’s literature.  My book, I Love My Body Because, published by Simon & Schuster, and written with my friend Shelly Anand, is available […]


April 19, 2022

My First Book, “I Love My Body Because”

1) What prompted you to start considering a boudoir session? Considering a boudoir session was something I always wanted to do. Seeing yourself from someone else’s perspective, I thought it was an amazing way to make women fall in love with themselves all over again or help give them gain the confidence to love what […]

Client Experience

October 18, 2021

Boudoir Client Experience: Alma

1) What prompted you to start considering a boudoir session? Boudoir sessions were something I knew existed but had truly never thought about until about two months ago. I got Bariatric surgery in May and have been really struggling to come to terms with how my body looked with six scars spread out over my […]

Client Experience

September 9, 2021

NYC Boudoir Empowering Client Experience: Thea

In the Boudoir by Nomi studio, hair and makeup are tools to enhance our everyday beauty and looks can range from entirely natural to high-drama.


August 2, 2021

Hair and makeup artist works with client in Boudoir by Nomi's NYC studio

Boudoir hair and makeup to celebrate your body’s perfection

It’s a fairyland of choices. Bralettes and bustiers. Camisoles and corsets. Robes and rompers. The Boudoir by Nomi lingerie closet has been curated to perfection.


July 30, 2021

Tour: Boudoir by Nomi Lingerie Closet

Sneaking a photo album of boudoir-style images to her fiance on their wedding day was the moment Dani had in mind when she starting researching photographers.

Client Experience

June 21, 2021

Boudoir Bridal – Sneaking in a Wedding Secret

For Fiona, part of the appeal of a boudoir shoot was showing her full self, including the feeding tube that is a result of her cancer diagnosis.

Client Experience

June 19, 2021

Cancer Diagnosis Becomes Opportunity to Share Hope Through Boudoir

Far from an indulgence, self-care focuses on our physical, emotional, and spiritual needs, creating energetic alignment. Prioritize your self-care with these favorite products.


May 27, 2021

Nomi Ellenson drinks coffee

Nomi’s Top 12 Self-Care Products

By investing in journaling and meditation we channel our emotions into powerful assets. Get started with these three tips.


May 24, 2021

Woman on yoga mat

Unleashing Your Feminine Capacity: 3 Tips for Meditation and Journaling



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